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Arsenal defender hurts cute mascot in tunnel before match

Early Doors

If you were watching the big match between Arsenal and Bayern Munich last night you may well have missed this.

Arsenal's imposing centre-back Per Mertesacker may be slow on the turn, but he has one hell of a high-five in his locker.

Without even meaning to pack a punch with his greeting, the giant German ended up hurting a young mascot by simply holding out his hand.

It was all just fun and games, but the cute mascot ended up shaking his hand in pain after being stung by the contact.

Relishing the attention, the mascot pulled a face a disgruntled Mesut Ozil would have been proud of as he dropped his hand.

Arsenal went on to lose the match 2-0 at the Emirates Stadium with Toni Kroos and Thomas Muller on the scoresheet.

Mertesacker was not able to have such an impact against the Bavarian giants, leaving that to his work in the pre-match tunnel.

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