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ASDA’s wearable England flag ‘looks like Ku Klux Klan hood’

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A supermarket chain’s wearable England flag has sparked a social media storm after users claimed the outfit resembled a Ku Klux Klan outfit.

Asda have staunchly defended their product which features a pointed hood and is branded with a St George’s cross, insisting that it was designed to prevent fans becoming victims of the British weather.

Unfortunately, some customers took to Twitter to express their surprise at how much the £3 outfit resembled the ‘Hooded Order’.

"We know there's chatter on Twitter about our wearable World Cup flags, but it's simply a flag with a hood – nothing more, nothing less," said an ASDA spokesman.

"We opted for a hood on our wearable England and Brazilian flags as you never know what the British weather will bring. We want customers to get behind the team without getting wet."

England kick off their World Cup campaign against Italy in Manaus on June 14.

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