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Beckham seen with bandage after motorbike crash

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David Beckham

David Beckham

David Beckham has been spotted wearing a big bandage after he was involved in a motorbike crash in Los Angeles.

Beckham was carrying his daughter Harper with his sons Romeo and Cruz close behind at the Los Angeles International Airport when he was pictured with his bandage.

The 39-year-old lost control of his motorbike in the middle of a busy area of Sunset Boulevard on Thursday, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Pictured late on Friday, he was showing clear signs of the damage from the crash with a huge white bandage on his right arm.

It was a picture which left many of his fans concerned as he took his family through the airport.

Beckham and the children are reportedly on their way home to see wife Victoria, who is currently in England.

The father of four escaped otherwise unharmed from the crash, which occurred as he departed the Shamrock Tattoo parlour in West Hollywood.

Beckham was riding his now famous Super Vintage 93' Knuckle bike, according to TMZ, which he used when filming for the BBC documentary which followed him around Brazil prior to the World Cup.

He said during the documentary that he "just wanted to be able to jump on the bikes and do what we wanted, wherever we wanted.

"I wanted to do something that we would all enjoy - I'm a big motorbike rider and so are two of my three friends that came with me."

There has been some speculation from American media that paparazzi were present at the time and Beckham's crash may have been as a result of attempting to escape from their attention.

The former England captain reportedly enlisted the help of store staff from the tattoo shop in order to help push his bike to the side, from where he received assistance.

Beckham is renowed for being a keen motorbike enthusiast and has previously been spotted on numerous occasions riding through the area of Los Angeles.

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