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Beckham writes touching love letter to the people of Miami

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David Beckham likes a good gesture - or rather, his army of PR representatives like making them on his behalf.

Whatever the case may be in this instance, Beckham has come up smelling of roses (well, actually probably his own branded aftershave) after he released a public letter to the city of Miami.

The former England captain exercised his option to become the owner of a Major League Soccer team in the Florida metropolis on Wednesday, promising to make it "the people's club", and he has now followed that up with a charm offensive.

Beckham and 'his people' made the following letter public to thank everyone for their "warm and gracious" welcome, before showering them with reassurances.

"Dear Miami," it started, formally. "Yesterday we announced that we are taking the first steps to bringing Major League Soccer to this great city.

"Today, I personally want to thank everyone for the warm and gracious welcome you have given me.

"While we considered many places, I knew in my heart - from my very first visit - that Miami was the right home for our club. This wonderfully vibrant and diverse community is filled with the same energy that makes soccer the most popular game in the world.

"Soccer is my passion. And my visits here have shown me that it's yours as well. I am excited and humbled to help bring soccer to Miami, and to help further Miami's deserved reputation as a true world-class city.

"There is still work to do and this is only the beginning. The ownership group believes passionately that for this franchise to be truly successful, we need an iconic downtown location for our stadium site. Our fans deserve a home to be proud of.

"I look forward to working with the Mayor and Commissioners to identify the right site for a stadium. As I've promised in the past, we will not seek County or City funds in the construction of our stadium.

"I pledge to you that we will work with great enthusiasm and energy. Together, we will build a soccer franchise that will have the whole world talking.

"Warmly, David Beckham."

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While he may not have personally sat down at his mahogany desk and carefully crafted the letter with an antique fountain pen, the depth of emotion synthesised by the Beckham PR team in this very lovely message is sure to come across well to the community.

His decision to make Miami the new team's home has been treated with much scepticism in many quarters, but he now has a fresh set of doubters he will be hoping to prove wrong. He may now even have the local people on side.

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