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Bieber scores weirdest headed goal you’ll ever see

Early Doors

No, not Justin Bieber. Christopher Bieber of the Würzburger Kickers.

What do you mean, you've never heard of him or the team he plays for? What kind of a fan are you anyway?

Well, you have now because the non-Canadian, non-chipmunky Bieber scored one of the oddest goals Early Doors has ever seen while playing for the Kickers in a Bavarian regional match at the weekend.

38 minutes into the clash against Wacker Burghausen it seemed that Bieber would fail to get on the end of a cross from the left wing, with the ball seemingly placed too far ahead of him for him to get to it.

Rather than slide out a leg in time-honoured tradition, however, Bieber decided on a revolutionary new tactic: throw himself face down on the turf, wait for the ball to collide with his head, and hope that his attempt would be slow enough to somehow deceiver the keeper into letting it slip clean through his gloves.

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It was a brave and rare plan, of course - but fortune, as the saying goes, favours the bold, and the ball did indeed find his head, and Wacker goalie Alexander Eiban did indeed let it slip out of his hands with such deftness that we'd suggest he has a bright future as an England cricket international, should he care to switch nationalities.

It proved the start of a magical spell either side of half-time for Bieber: he scored twice more to claim a hat-trick as the Kickers ran out 4-0 winners to claim their fifth win out of six matches so far this season.

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