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Bizarre reason Paddy Kenny might be forced out of Cellino’s Leeds

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There are a few reasons you might not want Paddy Kenny in your team at the moment.

Take his fitness, for example. If this clip of him at pre-season training is anything to go by, nobody would think worse of you for wanting to ship him out.

But apparently new Leeds owner Massimo Cellino has a rather different reason for wanting him out. And it's not one that Kenny can do something about by stepping up the cardio and cutting down the carbs.

According to the Guardian, Cellino has a bit of a superstition about the number 17. And when we say "superstition" we mean "slightly unhinged phobia". He thinks the number 17 is bad luck - and seeing as Kenny was born on the 17th May, that spells bad news for the veteran goalkeeper.

For what it's worth, Kenny's agent has denied the story, although how much he will know about what goes on in Cellino's head is unclear.

"I've no idea where this number 17 stuff came from, but it's complete nonsense as far as we're concerned," Masterton told Press Association Sport.
"We're more bothered about the picture to be honest. It's been massively doctored. Paddy is the same weight now as he was five years ago.
"I was playing golf with him last week and unless he's put four stones on since then somebody somewhere is being mischievous to say the least."
"He's got one year left on his contract so we'll see what happens. It all came to light this week when he wasn't accepted to go to Italy.
"We're working on things now as it looks like he's surplus to requirements at Leeds, but you never know. If he trains well when they get back from Italy he might get back in favour because he's still one of the best goalkeepers in the Championship."

This isn't a new development. Cellino has taken out all seats numbered 17 at his other club, Cagliari, replacing them with 16B - and he is horrified if a fixture falls on the 17th of the month.

And before you ask, no, no player is allowed to wear the number 17 on his shirt either. No word on whether or not Stevie Nicks songs are prohibited or get away with just being on the borderline; but readers of vintage 1980s teenage magazines are definitely advised to stay away.

That's not all, though. He's also got a blanket ban on the colour purple; not the Alice Walker book, but the actual colour purple. He reckons that's unlucky as well - so probably no lilac or mauve kits for Leeds in the near future, while Fiorentina's enquiries about possible pre-season friendlies will fall on deaf ears at Elland Road.

In the meantime, Kenny has plenty of time to mull over his poor fortune; he's been left at home while the rest of the squad jet out to Italy on their pre-season tour.

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