Early Doors

Borderline lunatic goes head-to-head playing football against pride of lions

Early Doors

A world's first: Kevin Richardson playing football with wild lions

Meet Kevin Richardson.

He's spent almost his entire life working with wild lions on the plains of Africa. And if this video is anything to go by, he's slightly crackers.

It's an incredible short film, put together with the backing of a firm of tailors who supply the official suits to the Dutch national team. It shows Kevin - decked out in the full, official Dutch team's match day pre-game suit -running around with lions, jumping on their backs, putting his head in their mouths and so on.

Then, he starts a kickabout with them. And despite the fact that it involves goading the lions, running in front of their noses, dodging as they swipe their giant, razor-clawed paws at his legs, and fleeing for terror as they bury their teeth into the ball that he was dribbling just moments earlier, he gets out of their in one piece.

Fantastic stuff. We can only hope that the Three Lions in Brazil show as much courage and deftness of movement while on the ball.

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Kevin Richardson v Lions

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