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Adrian Chiles’s ITV FA Cup ‘£5 promise’ leaves fans irate

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Not for the first time since his controversial transfer from BBC to ITV, Adrian Chiles has fallen foul of the viewing public.

Chiles was anchoring ITV4’s coverage of the truly dreadful FA Cup clash between Fulham and Sheffield United from Craven Cottage on Tuesday and he made a very rash promise.

The game was so utterly boring that it garnered an almost cult following on Twitter with journalists and fans in unity at their contempt for the match – so much so that the poor nature of the game overshadowed what was, in fact, a giant-killing.

As anchor, Chiles was well within his rights to add to this growing discontent. However, a glib comment from the former BBC man could cost him dear.

At half time in extra time, Chiles said that any viewers who had not already fallen asleep could write in and he would "send them a fiver".

Predictably, cue a deluge of letters and tweets...

At the time of writing, it appears as though Chiles has not come good on his promise to reimburse those few hardy souls who decided to endure the turgid game of football.

Having said his piece, Chiles should without doubt come good on his promise and the reason for this is twofold.

Reason one: This match was so utterly appalling that there probably wasn’t many people watching it into the second half – there couldn’t have been, it was that bad. And, as such, it genuinely wouldn’t have cost him that much.

Reason two: Chiles is reportedly paid £5 million at ITV to front their football coverage – so, even if there were more than a few watching, Chiles could probably stretch his finances in order to cover it.

Chiles could now pay up and use this opportunity to revive his reputation that has taken a bit of a hit since his move from lovable alternative on Match of the Day 2 to mainstream headliner at ITV. But will he take it?

As unpopular as the presenter currently is, he may yet decide to snub the situation altogether and the individuals who have taken the time and effort to get in touch to retrieve their 'promised' compensation.

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