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Comically named Norwegian club inherit huge amount from dead fan

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A Norwegian club have landed a huge windfall in rather bizarre circumstances.

Said club, whose men's team are relatively lowly but with a women's team flying high in the top divison, were given around £377,000 in a will when Erling Andreassen passed away.

The 91-year-old bequeathed the huge amount after his death on July 12 as he dictated that the value of everything he owned - property, bank funds and possessions - should be given to his boyhood club.

And the club in question? Well, they go by the name of FL Fart.

In fairness, Fart translates as 'speed' in Norwegian but it's still a comical twist to this amazing story.

Andreassen lived a few hundred metres from the club and his family are said to have been important figures in Fart's emergence.

The full report, in Norwegian, can be found at HA.

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