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Could ‘arrogant’ Arsenal regret this questionable decision?

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So sure are they of victory in their upcoming FA Cup final against Hull City, Arsenal have already planned their victory parade through the streets of Islington.

Indeed, notices and letters have been circling the borough informing locals of the expected disruption.

This decision has opened the Gunners up to accusations of arrogance and complacency.

However, such is the red tape surrounding organising such activities that pre-planning for the possible eventuality of winning the cup could be regarded as completely understandable.

Just think, there would be an outcry if the Gunners secured victory and then the fans had to wait a week or two to celebrate.

However, a little bit of discretion from the local council would probably have been appreciated by the club.

Yes, the council have to inform people in good time of any sort of disruption, particularly with road closures expected, but the very fact that the posters carry what could turn out to be cringeworthy detail could come back to haunt Arsenal.

Why couldn't they have waited until after the FA Cup final to reveal the exact reason for the disruption?

Announce a parade, fine - but not an Arsenal parade in expectation of their victory - this could come back to haunt them, as it did in 2006.

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To further complicate matters, Arsenal are in the midst of the nine-year trophy drought and, while they are heavy favourites, a loss would not only invite ridicule but place the future of manager Arsene Wenger in serious doubt.

Inevitably, social media has already been awash with pre-emptive ridicule, and some concern too.

Hopefully for Arsenal, the club's pre-planning will be rewarded and the fans will get to celebrate with their heroes come May 18. They dare not consider the alternative.

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