Early Doors

Diego Costa gets his comeuppance after latest skullduggery

Early Doors

Atletico Madrid's hit-man Diego Costa, 24, has been at it again – the forward, who has a rap sheet that would make Luis Suarez blush, got his comeuppance of sorts.

The forward, for reasons only known to him, decided to hack down a young supporter at what looked like some sort of open training session but the youngster was unbowed.

Rather than cry or squeal at his miss-treatment, he turned and flipped the Brazilian-cum-Spanish forward a one-fingered salute.

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Having grown up playing street football, Costa is a fiery, temperamental, wind-up merchant prone to random acts of violence – and at 6'2", he is more than capable of dishing it out.

Here are just some of his misdemeanours:

Costa was slapped with a four-match ban from last season’s Europa League for this Streetfighter-style headbutt on an opponent.

He somehow evaded action for this incredible display of thuggery in a Liga derby with Real Madrid, spending the entire match using his head, feet, elbows and potty mouth to provoking Sergio Ramos and Pepe, both of whom have a temper. The worst bit of all comes when he elbows Ramos before spitting into his glove and flicking the phlegm at him (from 1:45 in the video).

His insult of choice is a widely-used Spanish expletive questioning the parentage of his rival, which can also kindly deliver in Portuguese if required. Indeed, he is so well-known for this phrase that opposition fans have taken to singing it at him in ironic tribute.

Player profile: Diego Costa

Position: striker

Height: 6’2” (1.88m)

Nationality: Brazilian

Club: Atletico Madrid

Previous clubs: Braga, Penafiel (loan), Celta Vigo (loan), Albacete (loan), Valladolid, Rayo Vallecano

Fact: Only played street football until aged 16, when he was scouted by a local non-league club in Sao Paulo

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