Early Doors

How does this guy end up with six stitches?

Early Doors

How does a player end up with six stiches, from a team-mate, before a match even starts?

Well, the above video explains all in a clip that is sure to appear in the "what happened next" segment on a future episode of A Question Of Sport.

The incident happened in the Norwegian equivalent of the Championship ahead of a match between Alta IF and BUL.

After the pre-match handshake the players filed out and started doing some springy jumps as a final warm-up.

But the springing turned out to be a bit too, er, springy as the back of BUL's Martin Mathisen's head caught Mathias Dahl Abelsen's chin, leaving Mathisen bleeding and in agony on the ground.

In the end he needed six stitches to sew up the wound in a truly bizarre incident all round.

Who needs enemies with team-mates like that, eh?

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