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Don’t click this if you're eating! Star posts gruesome injury pic

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Jose Fonte

Southampton's Jose Fonte thought he'd had a good night on Tuesday.

Not only had the Saints beaten Hull City 1-0 to keep their excellent Premier League season going nicely, Fonte was the man who'd had the honour of scoring the winner.

So no doubt he was feeling a little smug - until he got into the changing rooms and took off his socks to notice his shin pad cracked in half, and a giant gash running down his left leg.

With the adrenaline pulsing through his body during the game, the Portuguese defender had apparently not noticed his horrifying injury until later - and was even able to joke that "it's fair to say I need some proper shin pads!!" on the Instagram account where he shared the picture.

Jose Fonte's leg (via Instagram - http://instagram.com/f6nteofficial)

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