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Drunk Bendtner ‘rubbed himself against my cab and started whipping it with his belt’

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A taxi driver has made astonishing accusations about Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner running amok in his cab.

An unnamed taxi driver told Danish newspaper BT that Bendtner pulled down his pants, started rubbing his abdomen against the cab window, while shouting "I will f*** you" and whipping the car with his belt.

The 47-year-old was forced to call the police after the incident, which allegedly occurred after the taxi driver asked Bendtner and three friends to leave his cab.

The driver picked up the passengers at a Copenhagen restaurant where they had been watching Arsenal's Champions League tie against Bayern Munich on Tuesday night.

Bendtner was in his hometown after not being selected for Arsenal's trip to Germany.

The taxi driver claimed that Bendtner's party started damaging property in his cab while he was out of the car putting one of the group's bike on a stand at the back.

The taxi driver says the group took a CD pouch belonging to him and when he asked for it back, Bendtner said that if he was not so well known he would "smash" the taxi driver before allegedly calling him "a fat little pig."

The party apparently finally left the taxi when the driver threatened to phone the police, but while outside of the cab, the driver explained what happened next.

"I locked the doors and windows, but Bendtner was out by the side window and began to unbutton his pants. He also took out his belt and began to whip the car while he rubbed his abdomen against the window and yelled that he will f*** me.

"I have encountered drunks and alcoholics in Copenhagen for over 25 years, but I've never experienced anything like that."

The driver phoned both his taxi company and the police after the incident but said he did not have the equipment in place to film the incident.

The taxi company confirmed they received a phone call from the driver in distress but said they will not report the matter to the police "because it wasn't essentially an assault, but rather it was just a passenger who behaved like an idiot."

The BT newspaper contacted Bendtner’s spokeswoman Elisa Lykke but she refused to comment.

According to Press Association Sport, Bentdner faces a dressing-down from manager Arsene Wenger and a club fine. Wenger is understood to be aware of the incident and will speak to the striker.

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