Early Doors

Reading teenager scores free kick that Messi or Ronaldo would be proud of

Early Doors

Forget Messi and Ronaldo and Arjen Robben. The player you want to see take a free kick is Reading midfield youth squad wunderkind Liam Kelly.

Kelly, who currently plays for the English Championship side's U18 squad, scored the magical free kick you see above during a game against Bolton's U18 squad. Kelly, 17, is a diminutive and speedy midfielder who uses burst to break up the pitch and terrific vision to find his team-mates.

Now we know he has one heck of a trick up his sleeve, too. Perhaps if he gets sick of football he can give Bill Belichick a call and try to drop kick extra points for a living? There are worse things to do with one's life.

Of course, given his early results, Kelly may have a pretty bright future kicking a ball somewhere in Europe in the years ahead. I hope he does, because we'd like to see a few more of these free kicks.

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Liam Kelly

Cameron Smith, Yahoo!

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