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Which corner fail is the worst? Two examples of what not to do…

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Taking a corner kick should be incredibly easy for a professional footballer, it really should.

Nothing enrages a group of fans more than seeing a highly-paid pro fail to get it past the first defender - something that's considered the cardinal sin in the under-8s, let alone the paid ranks.

Yet, somehow it happens pretty often, with stars failing to clear the first man or - arguably worse still - over-hitting their delivery and straight off the other side of the field.

So Early Doors brings you the following two clips not only to highlight the staggeringly inept attempts by these two established professionals, but also to put into context what we really can classify as a horrendous corner kick.

First, we bring to you AC Milan's Keisuke Honda, who inexplicably fails to trouble the penalty area with his shambolic effort...

Next, we introduce Serge Gapke of Nantes, who does not even get as far as Honda with his attempt. At least the Milan star made contact with the ball...

Gapke has two mitigating factors, though: firstly, he can at least argue that it would have been a decent kick if the flag hadn't got in the way; and secondly, by making such a god-awful mess of it he missed the ball completely, and was therefore able to re-take it.

Take a good watch of both efforts and have your say in the comment section below as to which you believe is the worst of the two.

ED has found the vote to be well and truly split in the Eurosport office, but see what you think and send it on to your friends to vote too...

Seriously, professional footballers need to spend a little less time at the golf course and a bit more at the training ground attempting not to uproot corner flags and instead kicking the ball.

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