Fair-play back-pass goes horribly wrong

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An attempt at fair-play by fallen Polish giants Polonia Warsaw backfired in style last week, when a pass back to the goalkeeper resulted in a last-minute goal.

Polonia, who last season were relegated to the amateur divisions of Polish football due to financial problems, were leading 1-0 against Blekitni Gabin when the ball was kicked out of play for an injury.

In true sporting style, Polonia's Dominik Lemanek received it from a throw-in and, from halfway, played the ball long to the opposition goalkeeper - who was out of position and couldn't get back across in time as the ball bounced over and in:

With time running out, there wasn't even time for Polonia to give Blekitni a free run at goal - the whistle went, and it finished 2-0.


To be fair, it's not like the kick was particularly rapid - who knows what the keeper was up to on the right wing.

But it's the sixth division for a reason, we suppose...

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