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Football Photoshop: United fans join in Man City celebrations

Early Doors

Manchester United have just completed their worst season for over 20 years, coming seventh and finishing with a draw at Southampton.

Meanwhile, bitter rivals City have lifted the Premier League trophy for the second time in three years. Pretty grim.

So why is United fan and Photoshop wizard @BeardedGenius so happy?

It's quite simple, really: City aren't Liverpool.

And in the spirit of civic pride, @BeardedGenius leaps aboard the City bandwagon, and declares Manchester a harmonious blend of blue and red.

He's almost as cheerful as the fans who chartered a plane to fly over Anfield towing the banner 'UNITED 20 GERRARD 0'.

Who would have thought having a rubbish team would be this much fun?

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You see, while United certainly would rather be the ones celebrating the Premier League crown and not their local rivals, they've considered Liverpool their biggest enemies for many years now.

The two teams in red are the most successful in English league history (hence the '20' on the plane - they only recently overtook Liverpool's long-standing record of 18) and, with fanbases who are very much of the 'win at all costs' mentality ("winger cheats England out of World Cup? So what, he's ours!" / "diving racist? not until he plays for someone else, he isn't!"), it makes for a more natural dislike than merely battling for city supremacy.

And for further evidence behind exactly why most United fans are willing to temporarily forget their disdain for 'noisy neighbours' City to focus on their long-standing rivalry with Liverpool, maybe this will help.

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