Early Doors

Full-kit pitch invader impersonates Cristiano Ronaldo

Early Doors

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Ronaldo? Is that you? Er... no

We're used to Cristiano Ronaldo tinkering with his appearance. After all, this is a man who gets his hair cut before each and every game.

But as the Real Madrid man tried in vain to get on the end of a corner during Real Madrid’s friendly against Fiorentina, something wasn’t quite right.

Had he put on a few pounds? Or lost several inches in height? Or developed a passing resemblance to a Hispanic John Terry? Or maybe all three?

For this was not the self-proclaimed world’s greatest player, but an ingenious full-kit pitch invader who managed to sneak onto the pitch at the Bernabeu.

A quick conflab with Karim Benzema confirmed that he was not, in fact, Ronaldo, and he was ushered off the pitch.

Real Madrid’s best player had earlier been subbed off, only to find himself replaced by an out-of-shape pub player. On an unrelated note, Real lost the game 2-1.

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