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Barcelona star’s plane prank stinks the place out

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You would have thought Gerard Pique had his fill of stinking performances after his Spain side crashed out of the World Cup finals in the first round, but apparently not.

The Barcelona defender has a reputation as a bit of a practical joker, and lived up to his billing when his team-mates boarded a plane for a pre-season match with Helsinki.

According to Spanish newspaper Sport, Pique upset staff on the plan by unleashing a stink bomb near the rear of the plane.

Staff on the flight did not see the funny side as they were forced to apologise to fellow passengers. Having a real stinker before the match is a new one, but Pique's jokes are legendary.

Apparently, he pelted the Barca bus with sunflower seed in 2010 before being outed by Carles Puyol while a couple of years later he was forced to admit the early arrival of his baby son to singer Shakira had been a joke.

Pique and Lonel Messi apparently burned a moped belonging to club staff claiming it was too noisy.

They bought a new moped, but there is no word on how the plane is recovering from the stink bomb incident.

We do not think Shakira would approve Gerard, and hope you don't fraternise with similar laddish behaviour at home.

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