Early Doors

The goalie gaffe so bad that even the defenders had to laugh

Early Doors

A goalkeeper for an African side ended up with egg on his face after a sublime blunder that left his team-mates in stitches.

We've yet to unearth the identity of the culprit - or the team he plays for - though apparently it was at the weekend. And frankly, when a video is this funny, we're not really sure it matters anyway.

That's because the sequence of events was simply priceless. The keeper collects the ball after a weak shot dribbled into the box, and decides to lash it back up the field to set off a new attack that will hopefully lead to a goal.

He got that bit right, funnily enough - the only problem is that the attack he set up was against his own team, and it ended up with the ball in his own net.

Rather than flying upfield, the mis-kicked clearance bullseyed a defender's bum - the player in question having been bending over to pull up his socks - and ricocheted back into the net for a calamitous own goal.

Marvellous stuff, so much so that even several of the players can be seen chuckling at the man between the sticks.

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