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Goalkeeper scores brilliant last-minute goal – and it’s wrongly disallowed

Early Doors

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There is very little Early Doors enjoys more than the sight of a goalkeeper legging it down the other end of the field prior to a last-minute set piece of some description in an attempt to offer additional height and firepower.

Perhaps the one thing that's even better than that is when the goalkeeper then scores a header of such exquisite beauty you, the mere onlooker, could weep.

Athletic Bilbao's Gorka Iraizoz - the man scoring that exceptional goal there - is more likely to be weeping now, though - because Malaga clung on to their 1-0 lead after his effort was ruled out.

Why? Well, nobody seems to know.

Presumably referee Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz does, so we'll have to wait for him to enlighten us.

In the meantime, let's continue watching that hypnotic clip and scan the entire scene frantically to see anything at all wrong with that goal.

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