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Inconsolable Suarez breaks down in floods of tears

Early Doors

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When Steven Gerrard broke down in tears following Liverpool’s remarkable 3-2 win over Manchester City in April, the way his emotions poured to the surface spoke volumes as to how much the pursuit of the Premier League title meant to the club.

But after surrendering a 3-0 lead to draw 3-3 with Crystal Palace on Monday night, there were tears of a different kind, and they revealed the crushing realisation that the title will not be heading to Liverpool at the end of the season.

After Dwight Gayle scored two goals in the last minute to give Palace a point, Luis Suarez broke down in torrents of tears and hid his face as he failed to contain his bitter disappointment.

In fact, the Uruguayan striker kept his face hidden for the whole of the time he walked off the pitch as he refused to let the world see how pain-stricken he was.

Captain Gerrard knew though, and quickly sought out the striker to console him and even push a TV camera away from Suarez.

Strangely enough, the point means Liverpool go top of the league, but they are only one point above Manchester City, who have two games remaining to Liverpool’s one.

Having equalled the Premier League record of 31 goals in a 38-game season, this would have been the perfect night for Suarez, but for Gayle’s most unlikely intervention.

Instead he ended it displaying one of the most naked shows of heart-wrenching disappointment ever seen in the English game.

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