Early Doors

Join the queue: Japanese team score spectacular decoy free-kick

Early Doors

We’re all accustomed with dummy runs to bamboozle defenders in free-kick situations, but one Japanese team took this to extremes as nearly half their team starred in a spectacular decoy goal.

Kyoto Sango won an indirect free-kick inside the Yokohama penalty area but instead of deploying the simple tap-shoot combo, they formed a train of five players and proceeded to take it in turns to charge straight over the ball.

Eventually, the fourth man in their pre-arranged conga line tapped the ball to a team-mate who sent it crashing into the roof of the net.

Kyoto Sango went on to secure a 2-0 victory over Yokohama in J-League Division Two.

With Japan lighting up the Confederations Cup last summer with their attacking flair, perhaps the national stars will take note of this effort and conjure up something similar in Brazil when the World Cup gets underway.

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