Early Doors

Jonathan Woodgate makes shocking acting debut in Boro promo video

Early Doors

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The pressures of keeping a modern day football club afloat are an ongoing issue across the sport and these issues aren’t just restricted to “the have nots”.

Just look at Manchester United aggressive commercial expansion that has seen them sign official partners for just about everything, including an official noodles partner (NAMEE) or Yanmar, their official moving partner.

United’s world wide appeal as a brand affords them the ability to secure such obscure partnerships but how do the have nots ensure their financial stability.

Well, they have to look after their bread and butter income streams and for Championship Middlesbrough that means trying to get as many of their supporters as possible to sign up for their season tickets.

So, step forward for your acting debut Jonathan Woodgate, who, erm, stars in this rather surreal attempt to cajole Boro's loyal masses to purchase their season ticket early to secure a £65 discount.

In fairness, there are worse videos Premier League footballers have been party to but this video nasty marks quite the come down for a former Real Madrid centre-back.

Credit to the club and the player though for gamely attempting an original way in which to entice fans into helping fill the club’s coffers but if this was a school report it would probably read:

Effort – excellent

Attainment – poor

However, fear not Boro fans, your club are not the owners of the worst club branded video, that accolade belongs to these fellows:

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