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Love rivals in handshake row in Serie A game

Early Doors

Handshake controversies used to be a staple of the Premier League thanks to two high-profile race rows but now one has erupted in Italy too.

On Sunday afternoon, Sampdoria striker Maxi Lopez pointedly refused to shake the hand of Inter forward Mauro Icardi prior to their clash in Serie A.

The two were team-mates last season when Icardi played for Sampdoria but have been driven apart by a romantic controversy that has occupied Italy’s gossip columns for months.

The grudge is over Wana Nara - a TV star and model who until recently was married to Lopez.

However, the pair are now going through a very public divorce after Nara left Lopez and shacked up with Icardi. Indeed, Nara and Icardi announced on Twitter in March that they are engaged to be married this summer.

Lopez initially seemed to take the news philosophically, saying: “It has been a very difficult time in my life and I cried a lot, but it all passed thanks to football. It was not a normal break-up, but at the end of the day nobody died.

“All I want now is to spend time with my children. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll face Icardi on the field and we’ll have a good laugh about it.”

But recently his attitude has appeared to harden, with Lopez speaking publicly about Icardi’s tendency to post pictures of his children on social media.

“I can understand that, being a public figure, he publishes photos. But I`m not comfortable with my kids being in those photos," Lopez said: "The kids are my strength... and they know I will do everything to protect them because they mean everything to me."

Icardi, predictably, scored against his former side, while the cuckolded Lopez had a penalty saved.

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