Early Doors

Crazy striker celebrates goal by smashing head through dugout

Early Doors

There have been many strange ways to celebrate a goal, but this might be the strangest. And, by a country mile, the funniest.

After preying on the opposing goalkeeper's inability to handle a free kick, a player for Italian amateur club Riole Terme tapped in an easy goal.

He then ran towards his side's bench in what seemed like a standard attempt to celebrate with his team-mates, but he ran right past them and, in an insane twist, smashed his head through the dugout wall.

It was almost as if he said to his colleagues when brushing past them: "Sorry lads, we'll celebrate shortly - but there's something I just HAVE to do."

[View another version of the remarkable incident here]

The player seemed to be unhurt, though he did smash the thing to smithereens.

Without missing a beat, he jogged back onto the pitch to resume the match, at which point the referee showed him a straight red card for his destructive celebration.

The player was surprised and tried to argue, but eventually relented and walked off, probably feeling a bit light headed all of a sudden.

And that's how you celebrate a goal if you're a crazy person.

If you ever see a funnier goal celebration in your lifetime, consider yourself a lucky person.

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