Early Doors

Maradona, the Pope and the greatest fistpump ever

Early Doors

It's hard to decide who was more delighted when Pope Francis met Diego Maradona. Both were clearly glowing as they came face-to-face for the first time in Rome.

The Pope, as a football nut who once played against Alfredo di Stefano in his boyhood, was clearly delighted.

But then at the end of their meeting, Diego ups the ante with the greatest celebration since his drug-and-adrenaline-fuelled celebration into the cameras at USA '94.

Magical stuff.

Was it just delight at meeting his only serious rival for the title of Greatest Living Argentine?

Or had the man known as the Bishop of Rome, Supreme Pontiff and Successor of the Prince of Apostles just tipped the wink to his newest buddy that the Big Man Upstairs is ready to forgive all those pecadilloes and trim Diego's time in purgatory?

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Two seconds which are guaranteed to brighten your day

Two seconds which are guaranteed to brighten your day

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