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When memes go bad – Luis Suarez poses for banana pic

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There are people who lack self-awareness, and there is Luis Suarez.

While his intentions were probably good enough, his banana-pose with Philippe Coutinho has left a bitter taste in the mouth of those unhappy at his continued refusal to apologise for racially abusing Patrice Evra.

Context: Barcelona right-back Dani Alves ate a banana tossed at him by a racist Villarreal supporter. Friends and Brazilian team-mates posed on social media, eating bananas as a show of solidarity, with the world and its cat getting in on the meme.


Controversy: Liverpool striker Suarez continues to insist he was the wronged party following an eight-match ban for insulting Manchester United left-back Evra a few years ago. But, genuinely not believing what he did was racist, he saw fit to weigh in on the trend.

Conclusion: Just stay out of it, Luis. Many fans are happy to let bygones be bygones, but many are not.

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