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Why this new celebration picture has polarised opinion

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'Is this the end of football as we know it?' 'Has football hit a new low?'

The reaction to this 'selfie' celebration has been predictably strong, with many very outraged and annoyed-sounding headlines.

As a response it was always going to happen the first time someone did what many feared, taking the 'selfie' obsession in society on to the sporting field.

Sporting Kansas City player Dom Dwyer was booked over the weekend for celebrating a goal by taking the 'selfie', and he prompted hysteria in some quarters as a result.

The English striker scored against Chicago Fire after capitalising on a defensive error, and immediately ran behind the goal where a camera phone was waiting.

He, along with team-mate Soony Saad, took the photo with some fans in the background, but the referee took a dim view of his antics and produced a yellow card.

The game ended in a 1-1 draw after Chicago's Mike Magee equalised shortly after.

You can see the offending 'selfie' that got Dwyer in trouble below. Premier League referees take note.

Sport was always going to follow other entertainment businesses in going down the 'selfie' line with on-pitch action, but let's just hope it doesn't catch on.

With the camera hidden for the player to celebrate with, there are some suggestions that it is a dangerous thing for players to get involved in, particularly with fans so keen to get in on the action.

Is it just us being kill-joys to wish that it does not become a regular thing we see on the field? We'll leave it to you to decide...

So what do you think: is this just a funny, entertaining way of celebrating a jubilant moment or is it a dangerous and annoying new addition? Post your views below...

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