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Mon Dieu! Oxford City’s French keeper falls out of tree trying to save cat

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Here is a picture of a cat in a tree from Kathmandu (not Oxford) - Reuters

You never like to hear about a goalkeeper dropping something, and it gets even more worrying when you find out that thing is himself!

Well that's what non-league side Oxford City are trying to come to terms with after their French goalkeeper Victor Francoz picked up an injury falling out of a tree!

But before we throw Francoz under the bus, it is worth noting that he was hurt doing the most noblest of pursuits – trying to save a cat. The 23-year-old suffered a calf injury after falling while attempting to reach for his feline friend, and now faces a spell on the treatment table.

One person who was certainly not impressed with his superhero escapades was his manager Mike Ford who had been hoping that Francoz would put pressure on regular goalkeeper Mark Scott, who has been struggling this season.

"It’s ridiculous," Ford told the Oxford Mail.

"I’ve not got any sympathy for him at all because he’s done it to himself.

"He fell out of a tree when he was trying to get a cat.

"He’s got a deep cut and unfortunately now we don’t have Victor because he’s gone back to France for a couple of weeks to have treatment.

"You just don’t get professional players climbing trees."

But Ford is actually wrong on that score, you DO see footballers climbing, and indeed falling, out of trees.

In 2011, Kaiserslautern striker Adam Nemec was ruled out for three months after falling out of a cherry tree at his home. Nemec needed surgery after breaking his collarbone, smashing two ribs and suffering a concussion after toppling out of the tree in his garden.

Meanwhile, what exactly happened to Francoz's tree stranded cat remains unclear from the Oxford Mail's report. So if anyone in the area could have a look and let us know he/she is okay it would be great!

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