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The most popular shirt name in the Premier League last season was…

Early Doors

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Football fans, usually young but sadly sometimes also pretty old, simply love getting their favourite player’s name on the back of their shirt.

For whatever reason, fans want to throw even more money around at the club shop to make their very expensive replica shirt even more expensive still by getting letters emblazoned across the back of it.

But which star’s name is the most popular when it comes to fans and their very valuable shirts?

The official Premier League Season Review 2013/14 has been released and the results are in.

The most popular name for the back of a shirt? Robin van Persie.

It might be fairly long and it might cost a lot of money to get it printed onto a shirt, but Van Persie comes out on top.

Sadly for his Manchester United team-mate Wayne Rooney, there is not even a place in the top three for him.

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Liverpool fans were busy buying up letters to make sure that captain Steven Gerrard slotted in at number two on the list.

And the third most popular? Well, let’s just say that there will be an awful lot of Liverpool fans who will be having to return to the club shop this summer to buy a new shirt after Luis Suarez – third on the list – departed for Barcelona.

Hundreds of Arsenal fans flocked to get ‘Ozil’ printed on the back of their shirts at the start of last season, but that surge of impulse buyers did not ensure a podium place for Mesut.

And while Rooney may have spent a lot of time over the last few years hankering for a move away from Old Trafford, that has not stopped United fans from keeping him in the top 10 on the list.

Juan Mata’s name is likely to be found split across Chelsea and United shirts after his mid-season move, while other Blues fans seemingly edged towards getting ‘Hazard’ instead of ‘Lampard’ on their jerseys.

As for the most surprising entry? Well, it is and it isn’t, given how global United’s ‘brand’ is nowadays. Shinji Kagawa would be flattered by the ‘fringe player’ tag given his contributions to the club on the field, but off it he is still bringing in big business.

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United stun fans by banning new items from Old Trafford

Top 10 most popular shirt names:

1. Robin van Persie

2. Steven Gerrard

3. Luis Suarez

4. Eden Hazard

5. Mesut Ozil

6. Wayne Rooney

7. Sergio Aguero

8. Juan Mata

9. Shinji Kagawa

10. Frank Lampard


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