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Proof that Luis Suarez is a nice guy after all

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Liverpool fans will defend Luis Suarez to the hilt.

Not only is he a great player, but he’s a lovely chap, even if his on-pitch antics leave something to be desired.

Many remain to be convinced – hugging team-mates and being nice to one’s family are hardly indicators of an unusually kind soul – but this photo may change your mind.

The photo, which is actually from last season but has just gone viral, was taken after the Uruguayan striker was out in his local park when he spotted seven-year-old Ethan Mullin playing with a Liverpool-branded football.

Suarez decided to join in, before posing for a photo with Ethan, who has Down’s Syndrome, and his father David.


Hilariously, it took a while for the penny to drop, with the youngster’s cousin Ben Mullin - who posted the image - saying on Liverpool's Reddit page that his uncle initially “thought it was just some annoying man”.

We spoke to Ben, who explained that his uncle isn't a big football fan and at first thought it was just a random passer by having a laugh:

“My uncle took quite a while looking at Suarez’s face as he’s not a massive follower of football, but – after a couple of minutes – it suddenly dawned on him.

“He asked if he was Luis Suarez and he sheepishly answered ‘yes’. Suarez was doing all of his famous dribbles and passing to Ethan.

“Ethan was clearly impressed but due to his age was not certain to who it was.

“But now he knows who he is and will treasure the image for the rest of his life.”

Suarez went on to let the child nutmeg him, although reports that he responded with a chomp on his shoulder remain unconfirmed.

But on a serious note, for all the heat Suarez catches for his on-the-pitch actions, it's nice to see him being a genuinely normal and likeable chap when it matters.

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