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Overreaction Theatre: Not even good enough for five-a-side

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Yaya Sanogo

Yaya Sanogo

The Premier League is – and don’t you forget it – the best league in the world, and, as such, deserves to have the best players in the world.

Twitter has spoken: Yaya Sanogo is a player not befitting of this fine league, you hear. And looking at the below highlights of the Arsenal forward’s performance yesterday against Leicester City and it is difficult not to agree that Sanogo might not be good enough.

How could a club of Arsenal’s status be left relying on a man Sanogo’s talents to spearhead a charge for a league title?

One Twitter user saw the presence of Sanogo and Olivier Giroud in the Gunners’ attack as an affront to the whole league.

Sanogo must be an interesting proposition for betting firms, as evidenced by this “scouting” video that Coral will be watching before setting his scoring odds the next time he takes the field.

He was bad but this seems generous from William Hill.

Of course, Arsene Wenger was not immune to criticism, with one Twitter user setting the Arsenal manager an ALS challenge of sorts:

The worrying thing about this “quote” is it could actually be a quote. Overreaction Theatre is not sure. Oh dear.

Of course, it was not all negative on social media after Sunday’s games. Raheem Sterling was imperious for Liverpool – and, as expected, the hyperbole was free-flowing.

The greatest?

That is all folks.

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