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Overreaction Theatre: ‘He’s the most overrated player in world football’

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Eden Hazard and Piers Morgan

Get ready for this…Piers Morgan said something that didn't make him look like a total buffoon this weekend.

Thank goodness there are people out there that save his old tweets and can remind us of the silly things he has said in the past, though.

Morgan famously said of Eden Hazard back in September 2012 that he was the "most over-rated player in world football".

After his wonderful individual brilliance against Hull on Saturday, this provided the perfect timely reminder of his lack of wisdom...

Meanwhile, Manuel Pellegrini has made many fans since arriving in England – not just because of the entertaining brand of football he has brought to Manchester City but also his genial attitude and manner.

Alan Pardew, however, would appear not to be such a big fan.

The cameras at Newcastle United's controversial loss to Manchester City on Sunday picked up Pardew using some 'salty' language to say the least. It is far too rude for us to publish here but if you really must see what he said you could do so here. Let's just say Pardew called Pellegrini an 'old lady part' and leave it at that.

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As one Twitter user pointed out:

While we had a bit of UNDERREACTON theatre from Michael Owen.

Poor Cheick Tiote, saw a potential wonder goal chalked off as team-mate Yoan Gouffran was in an offside position (although he did not appear to be interfering with play) but surely this is going too far?

And as for you Manchester City, well, I suppose when it comes to opposing fans you have to look at this as grudging respect.

Luis Suarez claims his latest victim:

What we want to know about the two people referenced in the below tweet is whose dad would win in a fight?

Andrew Thomas Carroll - behave yourself!

Finally, David Moyes might be having a tough season but he is also some kind of sorcerer…I mean look how he magically managed to be in two different places at the same time.

What do you mean one of the pictures is photoshopped?

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