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Overreaction Theatre: AVB out, bring in Ledley!

Early Doors

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In among the demands for Andre Villas-Boas to be hung, drawn and quartered, there was come great hyperbole doing the rounds on social media this weekend.

None more so than surrounding Luis Suarez, who played brilliantly but is not a better player than Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. His baggage and age means he is also not worth £100m, Stan...

Calm down, calm down!

Oh no he isn’t!

That’s more like it:

United fans? Or realists?

After the 6-0 thrashing to Manchester City, AVB was the subject of a campaign demanding his sacking; that quietened right down after Spurs hit form, and following their midweek performance in the Europa League, AVB was the man again.

But Tottenham’s humiliation at the hands of Liverpool has seen the #AVBOut hashtag gain momentum again.

This chap needs to read up on what depression really means…

And how will you do that?

We hope this is a joke…

No doubt we’re all far better at our jobs than AVB. Just putting it out there…

It could be worse – you could be as loathed as professional troll Piers Morgan:

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