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Overreaction Theatre: Even boring BBC Two trolling United fans

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Ahh stodgy old reliable BBC Two! The home of University Challenge, Newsnight and plenty of high-brow cultural claptrap.

Funded by the licence fee and almost painfully neutral.

Maybe so, but as Manchester United suffered yet another embarrassing defeat, this time at the hands of David Moyes' old club Everton, even they couldn't resist a dig at the Red Devils expense.

Meanwhile, come Monday morning and #MoyesFilms was trending on Twitter. Gem after gem to choose from but here are some of our favourites.

However, it is fair to say that some people are getting a little carried away with the Moyes thing.

Meanwhile, on the Everton side of things, their right-back was a star performer, an international star for sure. We just hope these guys were joking....please tell us they were joking.

It is quite something that, when Liverpool are on the brink of winning their first title for 24 years, Moyes still manages to make himself the talking point of the weekend.

Liverpool fans are obviously over the moon at the moment but we do think some fans are struggling a bit to be original in paying tribute to their heroes.

Sealing? Neighborly?

Meanwhile, note to John Ruddy – be careful with your pre-match quotes.

Finally to Saturday and for once Jose Mourinho was upstaged by an assistant.

But of course blind, loyal fans will put up with anything.

Until next week.

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