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Overreaction Theatre: ‘Cancel his visa and leave him in America!’

Early Doors

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If you thought Liverpool fans would brush off what was essentially a frivolous friendly defeat, even to Manchester United, with good grace, you'd be wrong.


Because a scapegoat was found after Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard led United to a 3-1 win in Miami, coming from behind after Steven Gerrard's opener from the penalty spot.

And that scapegoat was one Glen Johnson.

So bad was the England international's performance that by the end, Liverpool fans were demanding he be left in the States when the team make the trip back to England.

And the jokes just kept on coming, with Johnson the victim of some intense ribbing.

The deification of Louis van Gaal continues apace, with the Dutchman now unbeaten in meaningless matches.

And Man Utd fans weren't getting carried away, oh no...

But, as usual in these matters, there were just as many, if not more, people complaining about Man Utd fans saying they were going to win the league, than Manchester United fans saying they were going to win the league.

And this guy was certainly getting carried away by what he was seeing in pre-season.

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