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Overreaction Theatre: Chelsea tactical plan v Atletico leaked

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Overreaction Theatre is feeling remarkably fresh this morning after a monster night's sleep that started at about 19:46 last night.

So how did the Atletico Madrid v Chelsea clash go then? Let us just catch up on the highlights before getting back to you.

Strange....no video highlights eh? I'll just have to read the minute-by-minute report instead.

Hmmm...although I do see Chelsea's tactical plan was leaked out.

Parking the bus eh Jose? Didn't you complain when Tottenham did that once? And what did you say about West Ham earlier in the season?

But Chelsea are usually so entertaining....

No doubt former Scotland manager Craig Levein enjoyed the game though and was taking notes.

So in conclusion it wasn't great was it?

At least the TV coverage was good right?

No snickering at the back.

But hey, at least boring nights allow people to work on new novelty Twitter accounts. We give you Jonjo Selfie.

Until next time.

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