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Overreaction Theatre: David Moyes is a football genius

Early Doors

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It is one of art's most profoundly disturbing images, offering an insight into the darkness of the human soul.

Its agonising form speaks of frayed nerves, anxiety and psychic crisis; a tortured form haunted by broken dreams and brutal realities.

So we have no idea why some internet wag chose to Photoshop David Moyes onto Edvard Munch's The Scream on Sunday.

Still, it looked pretty funky.

Poor old David Moyes. First Manchester United suffer an embarrassing 3-0 defeat to Liverpool at Old Trafford, and now he's the butt of a multitude of online jokes.

Roasting Moyes has been a favourite pastime on Twitter this season, and the digs show no sign of ending with United lying a lowly seventh in the table.

You know it's bad when you've become a meme:

One prominent City fan on Twitter is predicting an imminent end for Moyes, and a shock name could be in the frame to replace him.

And did you miss this funny banner from the Liverpool fans yesterday?

Elsewhere in the Premier League this weekend, we saw the return of one of the best football cliches.

You know the drill now: as soon as one player spits at another (and that is the accusation being levelled at George Boyd) the points go to the first pundit to claim he'd rather be punched in the face than spat at.

Can this actually be true? Would you rather have a tooth dislodged or an eye damaged than have to wipe a bit of spittle off your coat? Probably not, yet this is now one of football's most enduring and popular pieces of nonsense.

Not just once in the face, either. Multiple times, according to this guy:

And this critic of Boyd had to have a needless go at the French, for some reason.

We suspect the following two tweets were rather tongue in cheek though, which is exactly where it would be if you were smacked right in the chops.

But this could be one cliche that is on the way out, after ex-pro Danny Higginbotham was called out on Twitter for his use of it....

Meanwhile, one fan appears to have forgotten that Fulham actually got rid of Dimitar Berbatov in January.

So, a big team underperforms for 99% of a match, are the victim of bad officiating for the other 1%. Who’s to blame for their defeat? Do you really have to ask?

If you think that’s bad, imagine if one fanbase decided to aim their bitterness towards a legendary British cyclist who happens to have a similar name to a referee?

Oh, they have? OK. Imagine if they decided to do it AGAIN?

What a world we live in.

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