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Overreaction Theatre: What Fergie is REALLY doing in retirement

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Alex Ferguson (@kingsuarez00)

Early Doors fully expected to start this week's Overreaction Theatre with a look at fan's reactions to John Terry's own goal.

But then we saw this Tweet:

Genius. The fans' banner at Old Trafford was one of the biggest stories of last week, bizarrely, but all went off with nary a whimper - and in fact, most people on social media were pretty critical of fans exercising their right of free speech:

Even the great and good were moved to pass judgement:

Speaking of people leaping to judgement, fans were all over John Terry after his own goal was the difference as Chelsea lost 1-0 to Crystal Palace:

As those Tweets suggest, it wasn't just Palace fans who were happy to see the scoreline at Selhurst Park:

Perhaps the greatest overreaaction to the Palace match came not from Twitter, but from the post-match press conference. Here's Jose Mourinho's utterly ridiculous verdict on the game:

"I don't think now we can win the league. My four defenders, phenomenal performance, as always. The others I'd prefer not to analyse individually. We missed some qualities. Mentality and a little bit of quality. Mentality because the opponents beat us clearly on that. Strong mentality, aggressive, committed. Every one of them played, I think, at the top of their potential and that, in football, is important. "Clearly we have some players, because of their profile, who find it difficult to perform in some profile of matches. You have Ivanovic, Terry, Cahill and Azpilicueta and they perform in the sun, in the rain, small pitches, big pitches, aggressive teams, non-aggressive teams, possession teams, not possession teams and they perform every game from day one to the last day. And you have other players who are fantastic in some matches and disappear in other matches."

Chelsea weren't the only side to miss a trick on Saturday, of course. Both Arsenal and Manchester City came away disappointed with a 1-1 draw at The Emirates - and fans on both sides were unforgiving:

Slightly off-brief, but cute nonetheless: While Fulham's 3-1 loss at home to Everton was typically depressing for Whites fans, these lads were delighted to see their man score. Shame about the artwork though...

Meanwhile, Tottenham's performance was so bad that the inevitable has happened.

Poor Sherwood, not getting much good press is he?

But those never shy folks from Paddy Power and the Sunday Sport have teamed up to offer some comforting words.

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