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Overreaction Theatre: Who’s to blame? A hoodie or Martin DemiSnailis?

Early Doors

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Rather unsurprisingly, Twitter's witless hordes were out in force after Manchester City suffered a shock defeat to Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup quarter-finals.

With City failing to cut it on the pitch, Manuel Pellegrini's apparent decision to grab whatever he could from the club store to keep him warm also attracted scorn.

And his hoodie was also blamed for City's awful result...

And one fan put out a special request for the luckless Manchester City manager.

City's usual fall-guy was at it again as Martin Demichelis - the one-man gaffe machine - gave away the penalty for Wigan's opening goal at the Etihad Stadium. Unsurprisingly, the knives were out for the Argentina defender, who appears to have developed a reputation for being rather slow...

Wigan's shock victory even surprised members of the Piers Morgan household, still mourning their patriarch's departure from CNN.

At Eurosport, we aren't above admitting when we get it wrong, and so it was that one of our Twitter followers alerted us to the fact that our Match in a Tweet for Arsenal's win over Everton was probably rather hasty. Still, at least we correctly predicted Arsenal would be drawn against the winner of the Wigan v Manchester City game, right?

Talking of Arsenal predictions, this punter is probably right to expect some kind of calamity if they do get to the final.

But at least we can expect some "endless banter on the TL" if they don't get through their semi-final.

And finally, now they aren't busy taking bets on whether a man will be convicted of the brutal murder of his girlfriend, Paddy Power brought us this admittedly rather funny reminder of what we have in store ahead of Wigan's next trip to Wembley...

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