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Overreaction Theatre: Ibra is the best … oh wait, I mean Ronaldo

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A dramatic night of World Cup play-offs and a home defeat for England against Germany were rich material for Twitter's lunatic fringe.

Naturally, the Cristiano Ronaldo hype machine was in top gear following his rather incredible hat-trick as Portugal defeated Sweden 3-2 to reach the World Cup finals.

Leading the way was Piers Morgan - surely never one to overreact? - who saw fit to proclaim Ronaldo the greatest player of all time, despite his inferior statistics to Lionel Messi on a near yearly basis, at least until this season.

One of those awful 'footy humour' accounts paid the necessary #respect to CR7 by mangling a perfectly good Manchester United banner. Still, more then 3,000 retweets....

Ronaldo fan boys also had a field day.

Sweden's defeat did few favours for Ibrahimovic, though, at least in this punter's eyes. Clearly two goals in a game just doesn't cut it any more.

The topsy-turvy nature of the Ibra-Ronaldo contest proved too much for some...

And there was some classic gibberish from Tancredi Palmeri

As for England's defeat to Germany, it certainly proved a good tool with which to weed out simpletons who like to equate football with great human tragedies.

It all proved too much for Joey Barton too, as he advocated throwing in two teenagers without any senior international experience for England's opening game at the World Cup finals.

The venerable Barton also suggested Hodgson should get the boot, just a month after taking England to the finals.

Another fine night on Twitter, we are sure you will agree.

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