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Overreaction Theatre: The many moods of Xabi Alonso

Early Doors

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There is a fine line between success and failure…and there may be an even finer line between the rage and the love of a certain Mr Xabi Alonso.

Suspended for the final, Alonso had to watch Real Madrid's dramatic victory over Atletico Madrid from the sidelines and he was far from pleased when Gareth Bale missed a great chance for Real in the first-half.

Bale missed a couple more good chances and looked set to be the villain of the piece.

However, his header in extra time gave Real the decisive lead and ensured him immortality forever. It is also fair to say Alonso was a tad more happy with the Welshman's later contribution.

Going back to the start of the night and Atletico Madrid must have feared the worst when their big gamble on injecting Diego Costa with horse placenta didn't pay off and he had to be subbed after only nine minutes.

But they took a shock lead when Diego Godin took full advantage after Iker Casillas went walkabout just past the half hour mark.

Selecting Casillas started to look like a big mistake from Real.

And the impossible was beginning to look possible.

Real Madrid fans were starting to get what is known in the industry as 'That Arsenal Feeling'

And some Atletico players seemed like they were starting to relax...although maybe a little too much.

But it seems to be the month of teams getting monkeys off their backs and while Ronaldo has been banging in the goals in recent seasons, it was the club's NEW goal machine that got them out of trouble and sent the match to extra-time.

The tension of extra-time turned Eurosport's Madrid office from this:

To this...

Meanwhile, it seemed unclear who exactly was in charge on the Real Madrid bench.

But one man from Cardiff then went on to grab all the headlines.

Although another modest chap did his best to steal them.

At the end of the day though, we suspect Real Madrid's fans didn't really mind who got the goals. They got the 10th European title they craved so much and well...we guess this sums it all up.

See you at the World Cup!

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