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Overreaction Theatre: Martin Demichelis special

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Poor old Martin Demichelis. He must have thought things were going so well having kept Lionel Messi out for all of 53 minutes against Barcelona last night, but he wakes up this morning as the butt of many an internet joke. Here at Overreaction Theatre we pick out the best of the bunch from Twitter...

There is a literary device common to many of Shakespeare's tragedies called 'dramatic irony', where the audience's knowledge of events is superior to that of the character in question, making their futile attempts to change their fate both sad and painful to watch.

Now, Overreaction Theatre isn't comparing Demichelis to Hamlet - City's true Prince of Denmark was of course Mikkel Bischoff - but there was a distinct taste of dramatic irony in the air as City hosted Barcelona in the Champions League last night.

While Demichelis proudly stood firm at the heart of the City defence for the first half, thinking all the time he was doing a fantastic job, we, the audience, knew differently. We had read the script: disaster was only minutes away.

Still, even though we all knew exactly what was coming, that didn't spare Demichelis some rather over-the-top criticism after he did take out Lionel Messi to give away a penalty and earn a red card.

And the luckless defender even inspired his own hashtag having been comprehensively outpaced by Messi: #ThingsFasterThanDemichelis:

Even Manchester City's official Twitter account was forced into a quick airbrushing of history straight out of the Stalin manual. But the delete button doesn't erase all records of our favourite social network, sadly.

Here was the tweet which replaced their untimely praise of Demichelis's performance:

Even some in-depth statistical analysis wasn't enough to paint Demichelis's performance in a positive light.

Still, at least it wasn't all bad news for City fans...

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