Early Doors

Overreaction Theatre: ‘What can Mesut Ozil actually do?’

Early Doors

It could have been so different. After singlehandedly winning a penalty with a bit of wizardry, Mesut Ozil had the chance to rejuvenate his Arsenal career by slamming home the resulting spot kick against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

But the midfielder bottled his big moment, stuttering during his run-up and tamely kicking the ball to Manuel Neuer in the opposition goal. The rest of the game passed him by somewhat - although he actually ranked third in the 'distance covered' statistic - with a sizeable section of the football community on social media, and more traditional forms, voicing their discontent.

Quick! Slap him, Wenger.

Even the Arsenal gaffer couldn't resist having a little pop at the midfielder.

Someone needs to introduce this chap to Jason Puncheon...

It wasn't just Ozil who shouldered the blame. A lot of stick headed the way of Monsieur Wenger too.

And don't think you escaped, Nacho Monreal...

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