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Overreaction Theatre: Moyes takes another beating

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Posted by @evilkagawa on Twitter

Another weekend, another Manchester United defeat and poor David Moyes is getting hammered on social media as a result.

In truth this stat doesn't help...

Or this one...

Or indeed this one...

First up to give Moyes a 'beating' on Twitter was a pretty poor Shinji Kagawa parody account.

And anybody with a Twitter account and photoshop seemed to quickly follow suit.

Of course it could have been different for United…there were other options than Moyes.

And Mourinho didn't have to cope with a 'legend' like Fergie watching his every move.

I suppose if only Manchester United spent the same kind of money as Manchester City over the last few years.

Elsewhere, and while Liverpool dropped two points against Aston Villa, it was all okay because it was part of a grander plan.

Another good win for Tottenham led to this inevitable overreaction from one Spurs fan.

But it was his fetching outfit that got most people talking.

Man City are good aren't they?

While nobody seems to believe poor old league leaders Arsenal have much of a chance – no matter how many fancy graphs their fans tweet.

More nonsense next week.

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