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Overreaction Theatre: ‘Muppetchester’ United get a kicking

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Overreaction Theatre sifts through the nonsense on Twitter so you don't have to, bringing you the rare nuggets of gold from the river of effluence that runs through the medium.

But allow us one minor diversion before we resume our usual quest as we bring you this simply unmissable video of a Manchester United fan giving his thoughts on last night's derby defeat to Manchester City.

Back to business, and before last night's derby this clever Photoshop effort was doing the rounds.

However, after the match there was only one team looking like a pile of muppets and it certainly wasn't City.

No surprise who was getting the blame for it either….

And then another series of memes quickly started getting posted.

Even one of Manchester City's star players got in on the trolling act.

The only shame for Liverpool fans, who are often the leaders in this schadenfreude, was that they couldn't get to enjoy the latest United meltdown as much as usual as City's victory was bad news for their title ambitions.

Still, this tweet, originally published when United were beaten by Liverpool 3-0, is equally relevant this morning.

Of course with United the butt of everyone's jokes again it meant Arsene Wenger did not get quite the same heat he might have expected after a 2-2 draw against Swansea but 'you know who' did at least have to chime in again.

And we are left feeling dirty by agreeing with Lord Sugar.

More silliness on Monday after the weekend's action!

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