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Overreaction Theatre: Late #SaveMoyes campaign not enough

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He's gone, he's gone, he's finally gone! What are we going to do here at Overreaction Theatre now that David Moyes has lost his job?

We held some hope this morning when #SaveMoyes began to trend on Twitter but despite getting the greatest managerial minds in the Premier League together it proved to be a failed mission.

There was a predictable response to the news of course from fans, pundits and the media from up and down the country.

Even the good people at Lego got in on the act.

But one bookmaker pointed out that there were actually some memorable moments during Moyes' 10 month spell in charge.

And actually, was he really that bad?

As comedian David Schneider pointed out though, the whole thing was enough to drive a man to prayer.

Let's see if the caretaker can do any better.

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