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Overreaction Theatre: Find something funny Arsenal???

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Arsenal’s 3-0 defeat at Everton could be lambasted for many things. A lack of fight, resolve, spirit, spine and general interest appeared to plague most of the Gunners XI.

But much of the ire on social media seemed to be directed at three players who did not even make the starting line-up, with Aaron Ramsey, Kim Kallstrom and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain lambasted after a photo appeared to show them ‘smiling’ after Everton’s second goal went in.

While Kallstrom does indeed appear to be breaking into a grin, the others don’t exactly look overjoyed – particularly Oxlade-Chamberlain, whose so-called smile looks pretty flat to Early Doors.

And anyway, a split-second freeze-frame barely tells the story. They could equally have been grimacing in embarrassment. Or perhaps someone nearby broke wind? Who knows. Who cares. The real problem is clearly Arsenal’s fragile squad, and the failure was on the pitch not off it.

Meanwhile, away fans were heard singing “Wenger Out” during and after the match, with the train home from Liverpool particularly depressing for some.

So, for once, we won’t be too harsh on the #WengerOut brigade – not even Piers Morgan…

And for Wenger - the ultimate insult was still to come.

It could be worse Arsenal fans, you could be this Cardiff supporter.


Moving away from Arsenal, the actual, real overreaction of the day was arguably Chris Hughton's sacking by Norwich following the 1-0 defeat to West Brom. Sacked, and replaced with a youth-team coach, with five matches to go. Could be messy for the Canaries...


What with fans being fans, Liverpool supporters were up in arms when Andy Carroll's 1970's-style intervention helped West Ham equalise:

Of course there was no mention of the refereeing error for Liverpool's second penalty...

Fans, huh? But everybody was in agreement that Anthony Taylor's refereeing performance was not the best.

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